Price List

Property Lease

Property lease brokerage for a time period up to 1,99 years

1 monthly rent fee

Property lease brokerage for a time period 2 years+

1,5 monthly rent fee

Price includes property tours, client support during the full lease period, contract of lease, lease transfer protocol, termination of lease contract, end to end legal support

Property Sale

Boutique Real Estate Brokerages package (full package & service)

3% + VAT from selling price

Price includes end to end service linked to property selling, property tours and viewings, evaluation and pricing, evaluation confirmation issuance, professional photo shooting, home staging, virtual staging, 3D ground plan, video, drone, permanent position in top offers on portals such as, a, arranging a mortgage or consumer loan for buyers, legal service, client support, representation in all legal proceedings, all interaction with real estate register (copy of land register map, ownership certificate for all act in law, land/estate records etc.), contract of future sale, contract of sale, application for registration, property ownership transfer protocol, notary fees, real estate register fees – accelerated proceeding, end to end consultancy services

Flat fee package (recommended to clients – sellers with identified buyer)

on request

Price includes contract of future sale, contract of sale, application for registration, ownership transfer protocol / no handling


on request

Client (buyer or seller) requesting certain specific pre-agreed broker services / further extension at a later stage is of course possible

Property Evaluation

(inheritance procedures, undivided co-ownerhip of spouses, legal disputes, acts in law...)

Evaluation certificate

50 €

Evaluation certificate including property viewing, travel costs

150 €

Property Appraisal (for bank)

on request

Property Setup before Offer

Administrative work, photo documenting and shooting, home staging, virtual staging

from 300 €

Legal Service

Contract of lease

from 150 €

Contract of future sale

from 150 €

Contract of sale and Application for registration in cadaster

from 300 €

Ownership transfer protocol

from 50 €

Other legally binding document

on request


Mortgage loan arrangement


Consumer loan arrangement


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